Category: Cable Storage Systems

Storing – Decoiling – Assembling

Sprint’s new KLS series is flexible, mobile, easy to use and all modules are compatible with each other. This ensures a high level of convenience and ease of use.
Today, multifunctionality is standard in all areas – especially in the cable storage , wire processing and cable assembly.
With the compact storage box series, you put together your own cable storage for cable coils and drums. The proven design is the probably the most robust and viable solution, to store cables and handle without twisting. Connect the cable storage boxes , vary the height or stay mobile with extensive range of accessories for all applications . You now have the ability to store and handle cardboard cable boxes next to the cable rings and cable drums and wires. With the benefit of horizontal storage the LB series allows you to work with damaged cable drums.

There are separate drum extensions available, to raise the height of LB 30 R and LB 50 R if it is necessary to process cable reels or cable drums