Cable-Drum-Decoiler RTA 55

The RTA Series are built to unwind and decoil Cable-Coils, Cable-Drums and all other kind of spools, reels and drums up to an outer diameter of 700 mm. The stable and robust design will guarantee an easy and fast job. With the mounted Cable-Guide-Support you can unwind your wires smooth and twist-free. Type RTA 55 and RTAU 7555 comes with a fine adjustable brake, so that an uncontrolled unwinding is inhibited.

User-Friendly up to 1000 kg Drum-Payload – that are the Drum-Unwinder of TA Series. Thanks to the design these unwinder are very efficient in usage. Also changing damaged drums is very easy.

Cable Coil oD / iD / H
Cable Drum OD / ID / W
RTA 55
500 / 110 / — mm
500 / 50 / — mm
120.00 kg