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Blow-In device

Blowing Machines for Fiber Optic Installations

The vision of future gigabit networks goes hand in hand with fiber optics, particularly in network layers 3 (FttB) and 4 (FttH), where the introduction of fiber optic cables through pre-installed conduits to the connection point is crucial. The delicate optical fibers, some consisting of only a single-mode fiber, require special care. Sprint presents blowing machines that help safely introduce cables into conduits, subducts, or Speednet tubes.

Traditionally, the conventional cable pulling method is used for cable installation through cable routing systems. However, this leads to friction between the cable and the inner wall of the conduit. In the realm of fiber optics, a gentler installation technique is necessary – the blowing technique. In this process, the Sprint blowing machine pushes fiber optic cables into the conduit using a feeding unit and transports them via a controlled airflow. The various available blowing machines flexibly adapt to different cable and conduit diameters.

To provide electrical contractors with a time- and cost-effective solution to meet the growing demand for fiber optic installations in buildings, Sprint has developed an innovative blowing machine. The compact and handy device enables easy and quick blowing operations for both FttB and FttH. Sprint emphasizes efficiency and user-friendliness – a solution for demanding fiber optic installations.