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Cable pulling systems are indispensable companions in electrical installations, whether in new construction or renovations of existing buildings. Their use extends to pulling cables, wires, and conduits into conduit systems. They are versatile and in demand not only in ceilings and walls but also in specialized projects such as in the automotive industry.

The challenges of cable pulling are diverse, ranging from too small conduit tubes to stiff cables. Cable pulling systems provide the perfect solution to these issues. Their application is particularly crucial when dealing with sensitive cables to prevent damage.

Practical pulling spirals feature a guide spring for easy maneuvering through pipe bends and an eyelet for cable attachment. Caution is required during application to avoid excessive stress on the cable. Jerky pulling should be avoided to prevent damage. In challenging situations, cable lubricants can additionally facilitate the pulling process.

The choice of cable pulling system depends on the application and the level of stress involved. For occasional use, a simple guide spring is sufficient, while for larger cross-sections, a metal pulling band is recommended.

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