Cable Unwinding Systems

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Cable Unwinding Systems

Cable Unwinding Systems – Innovative Handling for Cable Drums and Cable Rings

Wherever cables are laid, the challenge is to unwind cable lengths smoothly, efficiently, and without causing damage from the supply reel or drum. Cable unwinding technology on construction sites in industry, warehouse logistics, and electrical craftsmanship often entails special requirements.

The innovative cable unwinding systems from Sprint offer specific solutions with construction site-appropriate unwinding technology. These facilitate the unwinding of small and medium-sized cable drums and cable rings. Stability, functionality, and short setup times accelerate the installation speed and support cost-effective implementation.

The cable unwinding systems from Sprint, including roller rails, ring winders, spindle lifts, and drum unwinders, not only provide noticeable ease of work but also ensure precise control of the cable lengths used. Length measuring devices, available as both portable hand cable length measuring devices and stationary devices with cutting functions, guarantee effective monitoring of the installation process.