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Storage technology


The innovative KLS series by Sprint redefines standards for flexibility, handling, and compatibility in warehousing, particularly in the area of cable storage, processing, and assembly. This series guarantees a maximum level of comfort for your cable storage needs.

The compact storage boxes of the KLS series allow for individual customization for cable storage of cable coils and drums. With the proven construction, we ensure the most robust and practical solution for tangle-free cable unwinding. Connect the cable storage boxes, vary the height, and remain flexible in application thanks to extensive accessories. The series not only enables the storage of cable coils but also cable drums and cable strands in packaging.

Damaged drums in your inventory can be easily processed with the LB series, thanks to horizontal storage. For the LB 30 R and LB 50 R models, separate drum extensions are available to adjust the storage boxes in height when needed to process cable drums.

Discover with the KLS series by Sprint a warehouse solution that combines flexibility, robustness, and practicality. Make your warehousing processes more efficient and experience the future of warehousing technology.